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Idaho GIS Data Framework Themes

The Framework Diagram summarizes the core layers (and relevant data sets) of The Idaho Map (TIM) and the leaders for each TWG.

The Idaho Map contains 16 Framework layers, which encompass the geospatial “framework data layers” defined by the federal government and additional layers defined by the Idaho GIS Community. These framework data layers are in various states of completion.

TWG leaders and members work collaboratively to collect, identify, aggregate, verify, and standardize data in the creation of TIM layers. Many of the state’s GIS professionals lead or participate on multiple working groups which enhances information flow and inter-TWG collaboration efforts.

The Framework layers are shown below. Click on the different layer names to go to that TWG’s page.

Idaho Framework Layers
GeoScience PublicSafety Reference Transportation Imagery Elevation Hydrography Cadastral Parcels Geodetic Energy LandUse Hazards Boundaries Bioscience Climate

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