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GIS Coordination in Idaho

The Idaho Geospatial Office provides GIS coordination for state agencies and is the main GIS point of contact for other agencies or organizations. It provides statewide leadership to promote GIS technology use, coordination between GIS professionals & volunteers, and supports availability of easily accessible, high quality geographic information. The IGO encourages and supports collaborative efforts between state, federal, and local governments to ensure completeness and accuracy of shared data.

The IGO supports and coordinates statewide GIS strategy through participation on governing and operational councils, and through participation in other GIS related groups and consortia.

The State GIS coordinating council is the Idaho Geospatial Council (IGC) which is a committee organized under the State’s Information Technology Authority (ITA), the governing body for technology in Idaho State government and codified in state statutes. 

Idaho Geospatial Council (IGC)

According to the IGC Bylaws, “the Idaho Geospatial Council is open to all persons interested in geospatial information and applications” and “others whose business needs or interests intersect with or depend on Geographic Information and services” in order “to broaden and deepen participation in statewide geospatial efforts and decisions.”

These are GIS professionals and practitioners throughout the state who are committed to helping Idaho achieve the goals outlined in the State GIS Strategic Plan.


  • Work collaboratively toward realizing TIM
  • Participate in and support the work of the Data Framework Technical Working Groups
  • Provide feedback to IGC-EC
  • Elevate issues and solutions for IGC-EC consideration

Register to become an IGC member here.

Idaho Geospatial Council – Executive Committee (IGC-EC)

The IGC-EC is a subcommittee operating under the Idaho Technology Authority. The IGC-EC provides policy-level direction for GIS in the state of Idaho. This includes creating, managing, and enforcing policies, standards, and guidelines for the efficient and effective creation and use of GIS resources.

The IGC-EC is comprised of 16 members made up of 4 standing members and 12 elected members as defined in the IGC Bylaws.

The current IGC-EC members list is at

Chair: Sydney Lewis, Idaho Department of Transportation

*Meet the current members of the IGC-EC

See the approved Minutes for IGC-EC meetings


  • Coordinate the development of Geographic Information statewide
  • Address legal and policy issues for the distribution of Geographic Data
  • Enable Access to Geographic Data
  • Support collaboration and data sharing

Framework Leadership Team (FLT)

The Framework Leadership Team is composed of technical working group (TWG) Chairs and work-group leads. The FLT guides Framework efforts for all of the 16 TWGs that focus on the various layers that make up The Idaho Map (TIM).

The TWG leaders and members meet regularly to address issues, coordination, challenges, etc. for the data related to their individual areas of the Idaho Framework. More information about each TWG is available here.


  • Identify and develop solutions for addressing vertical integration issues.
  • Provide overall coherence to Framework TWG activities.
  • Transition to a Stewardship Council as Framework matures to stewardship mode

Other GIS Related Groups

Idaho LIDAR Consortium

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