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We are looking for information about GIS throughout the state of Idaho…every GIS practitioner, stakeholder, and user in every state, local, tribal, private, educational, and other organizations that do GIS, rely on GIS, integrate, publish, etc., are asked to participate.

Please take a few minutes and fill in the information in the GIS Maturity Survey. This information will be used as part of the GIS Strategic Plan for Idaho in assessing where we are as a State and for tracking progress over time. See information about participation levels for the survey here.

There was a presentation of the Idaho GIS Maturity Assessment at the recent URISA conference. The recording of the presentation is available here.

The Governor’s Office of Information Technology Services (OITS) offers a number of GIS services to State Agencies, to GIS Professionals throughout the state, and to the public.

Link to GIS Maps

The Idaho Geospatial Office is housed inside the OITS and works with Federal, State, Local, Tribal and private organizations to coordinate GIS activities in Idaho. The mission of the Idaho Geospatial Office is to provide centralized leadership, support, resources, standards, training, and coordination for the Idaho Geographic Information Systems (GIS) community.

State agencies in Idaho can contact the Idaho Geospatial Office for GIS services related to software licenses, training, assistance and consulting.

The Idaho Geospatial Clearinghouse, called Inside Idaho, is the GIS data portal created and managed by the University of Idaho for all GIS open data in the state. Authoritative GIS information created by Idaho State agencies can be accessed through our Open Data Hub.

Looking for Corona virus information? Visit the official Idaho Corona Virus Website or a Summary Dashboard. Looking for a place to hunt or fish? Find out about the most recent road closures, air quality, fires, trails and more by checking out our maps page.

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