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Public Parcel Standard

Field Name Data Type Length Description Examples
PARCEL_ID Text 50 The unique identifier for that parcel as used by the source. R3085100110
STEWARD Text 20 The source that created the polygon and can answer questions about the history, geometry and attribution of it. Canyon County
UPDATED Date The date shared 5/5/2012
MODIFIED Date The date that the polygon geometry was last edited 1/1/1998
WEBSITE Text 255 The URL for a public internet site for further information, if available. click here
FIPS Text 5 The Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) code for state and county. 16027
ASR_ACRES Double Prec.: 12
Scale: 3
Acreage as determined by deed or other instrument that describes the outside of a parcel 10.208

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