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Idaho GIS Coordination



The Idaho Geospatial Office (IGO) supports statewide GIS coordination in a variety of strategic and technical ways. For more information, visit the IGO contact page.


Idaho Geospatial Council - Executive Committee
IGC-EC provides policy-level direction and promotes efficient and effective use of resources for matters related to geographic information.

Pam Bond

  • Coordinate the development of Geographic Information statewide
  • Address legal and policy issues for the distribution of Geographic Data
  • Enable Access to Geographic Data
  • Support collaboration and data sharing

  • 2017 IGC-EC Election Information
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Idaho Geospatial Council
The IGC is composed of people who are committed to helping Idaho achieve the goals of The Idaho Map as recited in the Strategic and Business Plans. Register as a member here
  • Work collaboratively toward realizing TIM
  • Provide feedback to IGC-EC
  • Elevate issues and solutions for IGC-EC consideration
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Framework Leadership Team
Composed of TWG Chairs and workgroup leads, FLT guides Framework efforts overall.
  • Identify and develop solutions for addressing vertical integration issues.
  • Provide overall coherence to Framework TWG activities.
  • Transition to a Stewardship Council as Framework matures to stewardship mode.

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