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Mutually agreed-upon borders with all adjoining states are essential to stability for all dependent boundary datasets. BLM and State Tax Commission are working closely to improve the spatial representation of the state boundary in harmony with our neighboring states.

The new representation of Idaho’s boundary will result in a ripple of adjustments in other boundaries. Workgroups are forming to focus on clusters of boundary types: General, Elections, Agency/Program, Special Service Districts and Tax Code Areas.


For information contact:
Michael Woodford 
Office of the GIO
(208) 605-4168

Element Workgroups

General Government Jeff Servatius
Idaho Tax State Commission
(208) 334-7752
Tax Code Areas Jeff Servatius
Idaho Tax State Commission
(208) 334-7752
Elections Craig Rindlisbacher
Madison County
(208) 372-2317

Elections Consolidation Report

Meeting Notes

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