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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I...
  • Get involved with The Idaho Map?
    If you would like to contribute expertise or data, contact the chair or workgroup lead that seems most relevant. For broader inquiries contact Bill Farnsworth.

  • Report an error in the website?
    Help us improve the website. Please contact Bill Farnsworth, Geospatial Information Officer, to report an error or to provide suggestions to improve the design and functionality of the website. Additionally, send Bill requests to upload TWG related documents and schedule an event in the calendar.

  • Contact workgroups in the area?
    Contact the respective Regional Resources Center for your area.

  • Download data?
    There are numerous sources of Idaho geospatial data. Search INSIDE Idaho for the most comprehensive results.

News and Events

  • IGC-EC Meeting
    Thu, September 28, 2017
    9:30 - 11:30 am (Mountain)
    JRW Building
    East Conference Room
    700 W. State St., Boise

    2017 MEETING SCHEDULE (Revised):
    IGC-EC and IGC

  • Hydrography TWG Meeting
    Thu, March 15, 2018
    9:00 - 11:00 am (Mountain)
    Idaho Water Center
    322 E. Front St., Room 549F
    Boise, Idaho
    (Corner of Front and Broadway)

  • Suggested Uniform Contract Text for Delivery of Survey Data to the Multistate Control Point Database (MCPD)