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Framework Diagram

The Framework Diagram summarizes the leadership of The Idaho Map (TIM). The Idaho Map contains 16 Framework layers, which encompasses the geospatial "framework data layers" defined by the federal government and additional layers defined by the Idaho GIS Community. These framework data layers are in various states of completion.

You can click on each of the themes in the diagram below to learn more about to the progress of the technical working groups and how to get involved. You can also click on the Idaho Framework box to see a detailed version of the diagram.


DATA DISCLAIMER : The Idaho Geospatial Office (IGO) provides this compilation of GIS data for informational purposes only. The datasets are not suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. In no event shall the IGO be liable for any incorrect results, any lost profits, indirect or consequential damages to any party, arising from or related to using the datasets provided. The IGO reserves the right to change or revise published data and/or services at any time.

If you have any suggestions or updates to the current Framework Diagram please contact Bill Farnsworth, Geospatial Information Officer.


Energy and Utilities Framework Elevation Cadastral Reference Public Safety Framework Transportation Framework Imagery Framework Hydrography Government Boundaries Land Cover Land Use Framework Geodetic Control Parcels