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Administrative Boundaries TWG


To provide all map makers and users with easy to find, authoritative, and well documented GIS layers for all commonly used administrative boundaries in Idaho.


To identify, standardize and provide comprehensive administrative boundary datasets in a format that are comprehensive, authoritative, high quality, standardized, easy to find and in a format that is easy to use.


  • Identify Administrative Boundary datasets required by GIS users, and that should be included in the Idaho Spatial Data Infrastructure and The Idaho Map
  • Determine which datasets are authoritative and assess the quality and usability of those datasets.  If authoritative datasets are not yet developed, when appropriate, help to facilitate the creation of those datasets.
  • Work towards developing standards and schema with attributes needed by GIS users as well work towards state-wide standardized comprehensive datasets. Where needed, develop stewardship plans that specify who is producing the data, how data flows between agencies, and how data is standardized and published. Ensure that all required sharing agreements are in place.  This goal also includes researching federal data standards and ensuring that Idaho participates the Federal Spatial Data Infrastructure, and – when applicable – how data from Idaho is incorporated into federal datasets.
  • Work with the IGC-EC to approve data standards, nominations, and stewardship plans
  • Participate in discussion and efforts to vertically integrate administrative boundaries with each other (for example County boundaries bordering other States should align with Idaho’s State Boundary) and with other Framework datasets. This goal will require the Boundary TWG to work with other technical working groups
  • Identify trends and issues regarding Administrative Boundaries that may impact the GIS Community in Idaho

TWG Leadership

Kara Utter
Valley County
(208) 382-7106 * 1298

Boundary Focus Areas

Top 10 boundaries to be addressed initially by the TWG are:

  1. State Boundary
  2. County Boundaries
  3. Cities & Municipalities Boundaries
  4. Tribal Reservations Boundaries
  5. Forests Boundaries
  6. Idaho Dept. of Lands Boundaries
  7. Idaho Dept. of Parks & Recreation Boundaries
  8. Idaho Dept. of Fish & Game Boundaries
  9. Bureau of Reclamation Boundaries
  10. Bureau of Land Management Boundaries

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