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The Idaho Geospatial Office (IGO) works with organizations across the state to encourage and support collaborative geospatial activities. The IGO supports the Framework technical working groups and stewardship implementation. Overall, IGO’s goal is to enhance geospatial capabilities throughout Idaho and identify where centralized resources can best benefit GIS organizations/teams within the state.

In addition to TIM support, we provide services and mapping for a wide array of state agencies. Programs benefiting from our expertise include the Wind Energy Working Group, Health & Welfare’s Emergency Medical Services unit, and Office of Performance Management.

The Idaho Geospatial Office is part of the Governor’s Office of Information Technology Services (ITS). The IGO is part of the ITS staff to the Idaho Technology Authority (ITA) and a standing member of the Idaho Geospatial Council-Executive Committee.


Michael Woodford
Chief Data Officer / Geospatial Information Officer
Phone: (208) 605-4168


Wilma Robertson
Senior GIS Analyst III & IGC-EC Chair
Phone: (208) 605-4053

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