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The Idaho Geospatial Office (IGO) works with organizations across the state to encourage and support collaborative geospatial activities. The IGO supports the Framework technical working groups and stewardship implementation. Overall, IGO's goal is to enhance geospatial capabilities throughout Idaho.

In addition to TIM support, Bob Smith provides services and mapping for a wide array of state agencies. Programs benefiting from Bob's expertise include the Idaho Education Network, the Wind Energy Working Group, Health & Welfare's Emergency Medical Services unit, and Office of Performance Management.

The IGO is Idaho's primary contact for LinkIdaho, our state's broadband mapping and planning project. Paul Reyes, as Framework Coordinator and as part of the LinkIdaho team, focuses on Roads, Parcels, and Structures. Paul coordinates participation of new steward/partners, and develops technical approaches to data management and stewardship.

The Idaho Geospatial Office is part of the Office of the CIO within the Department of Administration. The GIO is part of the OCIO staff to the Idaho Technology Resource Management Council and a standing member of the Idaho Geospatial Council Executive Committee.

Contact us:

Bill Farnsworth
Bill Farnsworth
Geospatial Information Officer
(208) 332-1878
Bob Smith
Bob Smith
Senior GIS Analyst
(208) 332-1867

Street Address:

650 W State St. Room 100
Boise, ID 83702

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 83729-0042
Boise, ID 83702

News and Events

  • Geodetic Control TWG
    Thu July 23, 3:00 - 4:00 pm
    ISU GIS TReC and teleconference
    with Telspan

  • Transportation TWG
    Wed Aug 12th, 2:30 pm (Mountain)
    ITD, District 6
    206 N. Yellowstone, Rigby

  • Suggested Uniform Contract Text for Delivery of Survey Data to the Multistate Control Point Database (MCPD)